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Industrial and construction branch references

- Orion Pharma (corridors, laboratories, production facilities)
- Ido Bathroom ltd. (factory floors, production facilities, AGV-forklift areas, floor attention markings)
- Fazer (loading bays, production facilities, clean areas, floor attention markings)
- Fermion Oy (ESD laboratory floors, corridors)
- Caverion Suomi Oy (Bakery, social areas, wet areas, clean areas)
- ISS (social areas, wet areas, fuel basin)

Marine references

- Meyer Werft (ship kitchens, storage areas, pantries, food storage rooms)
- LMG Finland (Loipart Oy) (ship kitchens, pantries, food storage areas, restaurants)
- Vikingline Apb (kitchens, shower rooms, toilets, storage areas, dance floor)
- Almaco Group S.A.S.
- Tallink Silja Oy (social areas, shower rooms, kitchens, pool areas)
- STX France (off-shore helicopter carrier, military ships)
- Bourbon (ship kitchens)
- Naval Group (DCNS) (Military Vessels)