Torginol Fluaton

Torginol Fluaton is a single component water based dust binding agent, which makes concrete surfaces more rough, effectively preventing dust from forming.
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Epox-Torginol Lacquer

Two-component color Epoxy lacquer is an affordable surface treatment solution for floors in low wear and tear surroundings. Epoxy lacquer strengthens the concrete surface, keeps dust from forming as well as prevents dirt and chemicals from soaking into the concrete.
An epoxy layered surface withstands chemical well and is very easy to clean.
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Epox-Torginol Mass

Epox Torginol mass floor consits of three different layers, which makes the surface plane and dense. The floor is able to withstand mechanical and chemical stress.
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Epox-Torginol XB Topcoat Epoxy Mass

Epox Torginol XB Topcoat is fire tested product suited for public areas, which fulfils the IMO FTPC Part 2 classification. According to VTT's (research center owned by the Finnish state) PAL nr. 5430 caption, Epox-Torginol XB Topcoat satisfies all the requirements for building and fire safety in section 3.7, L classifications setup by ministry of environment. Results from VTT's performed test, number ELI171/92 proves that Epox-Torginol masses are safe to use as floor material in the foodstuff industry.

The department of occupational health has done a friction test on Epoxy-Torginol masses, which showed that the product fulfills the EN ISO 13287:2007 and Amd.a:2007 standard.
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Epox Deckfill floor mass for fixing tilts and slopes (0,65kg/l)

Epoxy floors suit garages, repair shops, launderettes, institutional kitchens, pulp-, paper-, foodstuff-, machine shop- and chemical industriy. Other suitable places are laboratories, storage areas, sales- and office spaces as well as in a variety of public spaces, such as fire stations, hospitals, schools, museums and prisons.

Hotels, restaurants, airports, terraces, swimming pools, bathrooms and shopping malls are also ideal places for epoxy floors.
Thickness 2-100 mm.
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Torginol Epoxy Tile grout and adhesive

Torginol Epoxy Tiling and Seam Mass is designed for locations where the tiling has to withstand acid and be water tight.
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Epox-Torginol Injection Harts

Epox Torginol Injection Harts is used for reattaching lose concrete slabs.
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Ship Deck Covering

Finnish Torginol and Epox-Torginol Ship Deck masses are used in both in- and outside constructions with a layer density of 4-80mm. Elastic and durable Ship Deck coverings sustains vibrations, shifting of the base, large changes in temperature and weather stress.

The products have MED, SAS, EC and USCG fire safety certifications from Loyd's Registry, as well as references from VTT test reports: VTT-S-4626-10, RTE 11431/99 and RTE 11433B/99. According to VTT (test report RAT6271) a temperature of 55 degrees Celsius doesn't affect the coating. Torginol Deck masses are used for instance in icebreakers, ferries, and luxury cruise ships.
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Floor Types

Epox-Torginol -Epoxy Floor Mass (thickness 2-4 mm)
Epox-Torginol XB -Epoxy Floor Mass (thickness 5-6 mm)
Epox-Torginol CS -Epoxy Floor Mass (color or natural sand mixed with colorless epoxy harts, thickness 3-4 mm)
Epox-Torginol AS -Epoxy Mass (electricity conducting and antistatic, thickness 2-4 mm)
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