About us

Torginol Deck Coverings is Finlands first and oldest company active in the epoxy branch. Torginol's office and production facilities are situated in Siuntio Finland. However Torginol's job projects takes the company all over Finland as well as abroad. The company started in mid-60's and ever since Torginol has broadened its knowledge and proficiency in the epoxy business. Torginol is a reliable choice when you are in need of a effective company that has the compentence and know-how to plan and carry out epoxy coating jobs.

Torginol's activity can generally be divided into four different sections namely: industrial, ships, public sector and private sector. For the most part Torginol does floor coating jobs with epoxy masses. However we also do other epoxy related jobs like tile adhesive and grout work.

The epoxy masses we use are of Torginol's own design and are a result of continues and systematic product development. The epoxy masses are made out of high quality European raw materials.